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Saving lives. Touching hearts. Changing minds.


By SAVING the LIVES of sentient beings and offering them forever sanctuary...

By TOUCHING the HEARTS of people through the opportunity to meet our animals and make a connection...

By CHANGING the MINDS of people with education about a vegan, cruelty-free lifestyle...

We positively affect people, who then go out into their own communities and save more lives, touch

more hearts, and change more minds; thus creating a never-ending cycle of kindness and compassion.

Whether you live on the island, are visiting the island, or want to support from afar, we have something for you!

  • Sponsoring a resident for just $10 a month is one of the easiest ways to support us and you'll receive some great perks, too!

  • Joining us on Patreon is another great way to support us. For as little as $2 a month, you can be an integral part of helping us save lives, touch hearts, and change minds.

  •  Always wondered what it's like to work at a farm sanctuary? Learn more about our 5 day Voluntourist program and make your dreams come true!

  • Join our Sunday Volunteer team. By volunteering a few hours a week, not only do you get to cuddle the animals, but you'll share our residents' with visitors. 

  • Visiting our sanctuary is completely free on Sundays. We also offer private tours during the week for a more intimate experience. Visit our booking calendar to reserve your spot today.

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