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Saving lives.

At BIG ISLAND FARM SANCTUARY we provide a safe, loving, forever home for animals who have been orphaned, abandoned, injured, abused, or exploited. 


Once here, our residents are given all the love and care they need to become healthy, happy ambassadors, where they can show people how truly amazing and sentient they are.

Touching hearts.

There is just something life changing about hugging a cow, rubbing a pig belly, or cuddling a chicken! In fact, it's what changed our founder, Paula Buck's, perception of animals!


Through weekly tours- public and private- BIG ISLAND FARM SANCTUARY gives people the opportunity to meet the animals face to face and really connect with them.

Changing minds.

We realize that when we change peoples' perception of animals, we plant a seed. When people are excited

about their new perception, and share it with others, they plant another seed.


For every seed planted, hundreds of lives are saved and the infinite cycle continues of saving lives, touching hearts, and changing minds.

Because of #agirlandacow
shai and ben.jpg

Back in 2017, while visiting a farm animal sanctuary with her mom and daughter, our founder, Paula Buck, was so touched by a special moment between her daughter, Shailee, and a cow (steer) named Ben, that she vowed to change the way she was eating and living, and dedicate her life to rescued animals. She went vegan overnight and a year and a half later, BIG ISLAND FARM SANCTUARY was founded!