Every year 46-million turkeys are killed for Thanksgiving alone. At just 14-18 weeks old, these sentient beings are just babies when their lives are taken for our holiday celebration. This Thanksgiving, we ask that instead of eating a turkey for your celebration, you adopt one instead.

Jupiter was rescued from Craiglist in 2020, at just 12-weeks-old, after being listed as "Raise Your Own Thanksgiving Dinner." Today he lives his life on his terms and is loved for the feisty individual he is!

For just $25, you can adopt Jupiter for Thanksgiving! 


Each turkey adoption includes:

  • Digital adoption certificate

  • Printed adoption certificate- great for sharing at Thanksgiving!


Deadlines to order:

  • November 16th, 11:59 pm HT (USPS delivery times may vary by area.)

  • Digital certificate is sent via email within 24 hours of payment being received.

  • Printed certificate and bracelet is sent via USPS First Class Mail on Tuesdays and Fridays.​​​

  • Only one address per order.

    Every life is precious to the one living it. Mahalo for choosing to celebrate Thanksgiving with kindness.



Welcome to Big Island Farm Sanctuary, a safe haven for animals orphaned or abandoned, rescued from hoarding or neglect, as well as in danger of euthanasia or slaughter.

I'm Koa and this is my friend, Erin. I've been living at BIFS since 2020 when I was found as a cold and hungry piglet under a house. Today I live with my BFFs Lucy Liu and Koko and get plenty of love and belly rubs.


I invite you to look around, get to know all about us, learn ways you can join our ohana, and consider planning a visit when you find yourself on the Big Island of Hawaii. My friends and I would love to meet you!






Hey all, Andre here! I came to Big Island Farm Sanctuary in January 2020 after my previous owners dumped me and Animal Control found me wandering the road with my best friend, Billy B.

After the passing of a dear animal friend (read that story here), our founder Paula decided she would create a place, in his honor, for animals like me and Billy B. She wanted this place to be friendly to humans and animals alike- a place where people, regardless of their current beliefs on veganism, could interact with the animals humans so commonly call food, ask any questions they want, and have no worries of judgment or ridicule.


Through interaction, education, and kindness, BIFS gives people the opportunity to connect with amazing animals, and share with them how humans, as a society, can help stop the needless suffering of animals and the devastation to our planet, all while improving their own health.




Hi I'm Betty and this is my friend (and monthly sponsor), Heather. I used to live on a cattle ranch but the rancher had a soft spot for me and asked if I could live the rest of my life at Big Island Farm Sanctuary. Of course Paula agreed, and, today, I spend my time grazing with my cow friends and welcoming guests on tour days. I'm usually down for a good hug from a human, too!


Visiting the Big Island? We offer private tours for groups of 1-10. Come meet my fellow animal friends including cows, goats, sheep, pigs, chickens and more.

Live on the Big Island? We offer volunteer opportunities working directly with us animals! Email us at for more info.




At BIFS, there are many ways you can help whether you live close by or thousands of miles away. One of the easiest ways is to sponsor residents like me!

Hi, I'm Miggy and this is my friend Veronika. In 2020, I came to live at Big Island Farm Sanctuary after being viciously attacked by wild dogs. The vets told Paula there wasn't much that could be done to save me, but she and Josh weren't satisfied with that answer, and worked tirelessly to heal me from my devastating injuries. Today, I spend my days grazing on endless grass and soaking up the sun.


For just $10/month you can sponsor any one of us and help our humans continue to save lives, touch hearts, and change minds. As our small way of saying a big thank you, you'll get some fun stuff just for joining! Not sure who to sponsor? Visit our Virtual Barn.




SHOP: Dress yourself in the latest fashion, decorate your home or office with cute accessories. We're adding new merch all the time!


BUILD: Purchase a fence panel with your name on it, or help our humans put up a shelter for us, in your name. What a perfect way to show your support or honor a loved one.

WISH LIST: We love getting fun stuff in the mail. Whether its for pigs, cows, goats, sheep, birds, or even the dogs and cats, we've got something for everyone. Check out our wish list for fun gifts for us, as well as things to help our humans do their jobs a little easier.

Follow, like, and share are ways you can support us for completely free! Join us on Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook today!

MONETARY GIFTS:* PayPal, Venmo, Square are all great ways to send us a monetary gift. You can also send a check to:
Big Island Farm Sanctuary

92-1329 Prince Kuhio Blvd. #4-240

Captain Cook, HI 96704

*Please note, we are not a 501(c)3 non-profit so monetary gifts are just that, gifts, and not tax deductible. Why have we purposely chosen NOT to become a non-profit? Read more here. <3


Sanctuary Address (by appt only)

93-1280 South Point Rd.

Naalehu, Hawaii 96772


Mailing Address

92-1329 Prince Kuhio Blvd #4-240

Captain Cook, HI 96704