About Us

Located on the Big Island of Hawaii in beautiful Naalehu, BIG ISLAND FARM SANCTUARY is the southernmost animal rescue in the United States. As a privately owned and operated 25-acre, off-grid, animal rescue, we offer a life of love and happiness to farmed and feral-breed animals in need of sanctuary; but, it doesn't stop there. Through interaction and education, we help people learn the truth about animal agriculture, make a meaningful connection with the animals we commonly call food, and show people how they can help stop the needless suffering of animals and the devastation to our planet, all while improving their own health.

What We Do

Saving lives. Touching hearts. Changing minds.


By SAVING the LIVES of sentient beings and offering them forever sanctuary...

By TOUCHING the HEARTS of people through the opportunity to meet our animals and make a connection...

By CHANGING the MINDS of people with education about a vegan, cruelty-free lifestyle...

We positively affect people, who then go out into their own communities and save more lives, touch more hearts, and change more minds; thus creating a never-ending cycle of kindness and compassion.


Why We Do It

While visiting a farmed animal sanctuary in 2017, our founder, Paula, started looking differently at animals commonly known as food. When her daughter leaned in and hugged this gentle giant, Ben, it was all Paula needed to decide she was no longer going to be a part of animal suffering. She went vegan the very next day.

A few months later, it was time to say goodbye to Gentle Ben, as his body was tired and in constant pain. Paula promised him that she would never stop telling his story- their story- and that she would find a way to not only honor him, but create a place where people would have the opportunity to make a connection with these amazing animals, just like she had.

How You Can Help

As home to 130+ animals, we couldn't do this work without your support. There are multiple ways you can support our mission, either in person or long distance: