Animals in Need.

We are not taking in any new rescues or surrenders at this time.

In just two years of existence we have given a life-long home to almost 80 animals, 30 of those in 2020-even during COVID and with very limited resources. For now, we have reached our max- financially and physically. We must put the health and welfare of our current residents first, and not outgrow our means; so, until further notice, we are not able to take in any more animals. When that changes, our website will be updated.


We are currently working toward building out new fencing and enclosures, preparing our property for emergency evacuations (such as the Summer 2020 fire that came within .5 miles of our sanctuary), as well as growing an emergency vet fund. In addition, we need to be able to cover the monthly costs of providing for our 68 residents before we can responsibly take in any more. Only once these thing are done, can we confidently open our doors to more rescues. If you'd like to help us reach our goals, please consider the following WAYS TO HELP. Mahalo for your consideration.


If you have an animal in need, there are several different sanctuaries and rescues here on the island that you can reach out to (simply google "animal rescue big island" or "farm sanctuary big island"). IF YOU FIND A WILD BABY ANIMAL, we ask that you do not immediately pick them up and put them in your car. More often than not, the animal is perfectly healthy and happy, and mom is just a little ways away. When you unnecessarily remove an otherwise healthy animal from their environment, you are stealing them from their family and freedom, and creating a lifelong dependence on humans that wasn't ultimately necessarily, thus taking away space for a future animal in real need. Unless the animal is obviously in need, we suggest you leave them be. Wild animals prefer to be wild! If you do take them in, please consider that you may be the one to ultimately care for the animal, as sanctuaries on the island are bursting at the seams and turning away animals almost daily. 


If you have a farm-type pet you're trying to place in a new home, we recommend posting them in Facebook groups such as Hawaii Lava Flow Animal Rescue and Homesteadin' Hawaii. Please do your due-diligence before placing your animal in a new home. While we have had good luck with these groups in the past, we cannot be responsible for what happens to an animal once placed in a new home.


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