Animals in Need.

Unfortunately, we physically and financially cannot help everyone. It is one of the hardest parts of what we do- saying no. Therefore, we have very strict guidelines in place when considering intake of an animal. Please note that just because the animal you have fits our guidelines, does not mean we have the space or resources to offer them sanctuary. Every animal that meets our guidelines is still considered on a case-by-case basis.


Before contacting us, please read below:



First and foremost, FARMED ANIMALS freed from industrial and backyard farming and exploitation, abuse or neglect, and ultimately destined for slaughter. This would include cows, donkeys, horses, goats, sheep, pigs, turkeys, chickens, llamas, alpacas, etc. We are not, currently, in a position to take in ducks.



Secondly, FERAL (aka wild) ANIMALS who have been recently found orphaned or injured.

PLEASE NOTE! We get calls several times a week for "orphaned" baby pigs and goats. IF YOU FIND A WILD BABY ANIMAL, we ask that you do not immediately pick them up and put them in your car. More often than not, the animal is perfectly healthy and happy, and mom is just a little ways away. When you unnecessarily remove an otherwise healthy baby from their environment, you are stealing them from their family and freedom, and creating a lifelong dependence on humans that wasn't ultimately necessarily, thus taking away space for a future animal in real need. Unless the animal is obviously in need, we suggest you leave them be. Wild animals prefer to be wild! If you do take them in, please consider that you may be the one to ultimately care for the animal, as sanctuaries on the island are bursting at the seams and turning away animals almost daily. 


If you feel you have an animal that fits the above guidelines, please email us at and, if we cannot take them, we will be more than happy to suggest other possible placements (if applicable) or send you information on how to give your new rescue the best possible life with you.​




Fosters or Pets. If we took in every goat or pig that has lived with someone and has now outgrown their living situation, we would literally be home to thousands of animals, and that isn't fair (or sustainable) to anyone. If an animal has lived with a person for any length of time (even if they are a "rescue" or a "foster"), we do not consider them a candidate for our sanctuary. Please, consider very seriously when you take in an animal that this could be a lengthy commitment. If you can't offer them a lifetime of love and care, consider leaving them in the wild. Unless sick or injured, wild animals prefer being wild!

We do, on very rare occasions, take in farmed animals that were pets but we do not publicly announce what our guidelines for intake are. If you feel your situation is different than what's explained above, feel free to email us at and we will let you know if your situation fits our guidelines.


Domestic animals such as dogs, cats, guinea pigs, rats, etc. There are several dog and cat resources on the island that you can Google. Our focus is offering home to farmed and wild animals in need of sanctuary.

"Nuisance" animals. No, we cannot come and take the flock of chickens or turkeys or the noisy rooster hanging out in your yard or your apartment complex. Odds are they have also called to see if we could remove the "nuisance" people who have invaded their space ;) and we tell them no, too.

Classroom pets. It saddens us that this is even a thing, as a living, breathing being shouldn't be part of a lesson or experiment. If a teacher cannot offer the animal a home after the lesson is finished, or the year ends, or whatever the circumstances, there should be no classroom pet to begin with. Taking on the responsibility of any animal should be a (animal's) lifetime commitment.

Again, we wish we could help them all but we have to set strict boundaries in order to help those who already call Big Island Farm Sanctuary home, to be able to rescue and offer refuge to animals in danger of slaughter, abuse, or exploitation, and in order to not exhaust our land and financial resources so that we can continue to "save lives, touch hearts, and change minds," for years to come.



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