Did you know every year 46-million turkeys are killed for Thanksgiving alone? At just 14-18 weeks old, these sentient beings are just babies when their lives are taken for our holiday celebration. This Thanksgiving, we ask that instead of buying a turkey for your celebration, you hanai (adopt) one instead.


Meet Jupiter and Echo! At just 12-weeks-old, these beautiful babies were being sold on Craigslist for "Thanksgiving Dinner." Jupiter and Echo have been with us for four weeks now and they will live the rest of their lives at Big Island Farm Sanctuary, being valued for the individuals they are. They will know nothing but love and kindness.

For just $25, you can hanai (adopt) Jupiter or Echo for Thanksgiving! We'll send you an adoption certificate and photo of your turkey (print and/or digital), and your donation will go toward a much needed aviary for our birds who can't free-range for various reasons.

Each Hanai a Turkey adoption includes:

  • Digital certificate and photo of your adopted turkey.

  • Optional printed certificate with photo of your adopted turkey- great for sharing at Thanksgiving!

Deadlines to receive certificates before Thanksgiving:

  • Print: November 18, 11:59 pm ET
    (USPS delivery times may vary by area.)

  • Digital: November 25, 11:59 pm ET.

  • All donors will receive one digital certificate and photo (JPG formats) and a shoutout on our social media for the turkey(s) they adopt.

  • Digital certificates and photos are sent via email within 24 hours of your payment being received.

  • Printed certificates and photos are sent via USPS First Class Mail on Tuesdays and Fridays.​​

  • Only one address per order.

Every life is precious to the one living it. Mahalo for choosing to celebrate Thanksgiving without taking a life.





Hanai a Turkey!

Thanks for choosing kindness!