Meet The Team


Paula & Josh Buck, Founders

Both born and raised in Utah, Josh and Paula met in 2004, and married two years later. They raised two amazing humans together- Courtland and Shailee- who are now adults living in Southern California. After several trips to different Hawaiian Islands, Josh and Paula dreamt about someday making Big Island their home. In 2018, that dream came true when they packed six suitcases and cashed in their one-way tickets to Hawaii. As advocates for the animals and the planet, they proudly live a minimalist, off-grid lifestyle. Josh and Paula love the rich cultural history of the islands and are proud to call Hawaii home.

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Dana Bannister

Hawaii Retreat Coordinator

Dana Bannister is a Portland native and has been an animal lover her whole life. She is on the Animal Care Crew at Odd Man Inn Animal Refuge since January 2020. She was in customer service for 25 years before she was laid off due to Covid, and is considering sanctuary life her early retirement and next chapter.



Volunteer Coordinator

Growing up in the bio-diversity that is Hawaii and coming to understand the roll humans have in maintaining its delicate balance, colors my experience with the animals that also call it home. I feel that the power we have can so easily be wasted on things that don't matter; meanwhile there are those in need literally looking us in the eye. My experiences in developing countries where many times dogs and cats are looked at as pests and/or food validates the notion that western societies are dismissive of certain animals (cows, goats, pigs etc) purely based on societal norms. There are many differences between everything alive in the animal kingdom, but more and more science finds that we are all similar in our capacity to love. It is my hope to form many friendships here at Big Island Farm Sanctuary and to help extend that bond to the public so that we can all better participate in the reparations Earth and her underdogs deserve. So come on down!