We need eight gates to to go along with the fencing panels.

With your purchase, a 12 ft gate will be installed in your, your family's, or a loved one's honor. It will include a 12"x3" hand engraved wooden surfboard from Etsy shop PrinceWhitaker (@allieforthesoul and her husband, Phil). I encourage you to check out their page and see just how awesome these surfboards are going to be!


The panels and gates will go up first and once PrinceWhitaker has the surfboards to us we will hang them. You will then receive a special certificate of appreciation that explains what pasture and gate number you can find your surfboard on when you come visit! Along with your certificate, you will also receive a picture of your surfboard on your gate. Surfboards will be weather-proofed and maintained by us, as needed. We want everyone who visits to see who our amazing supporters are and all they many places they come from!

Hang Your Board on a Gate

  • While we know Allie and Phil will work diligently to fulfill orders, we are hoping for 200 panels to be sold. That's a lot of surfboards to hand-engrave on top of their other orders! Please be patient with this part of the process, and know the boards will be hung as soon as possible, as we are very excited to look out into our sanctuary and see all the surfboards of support hanging up!