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Our safari tents are located on 25 acres of ocean view farmland in Naalehu, Hawaii- home to Big Island Farm Sanctuary- and can accommodate up to four glampers per tent, for an unforgettable glamping experience. Each tent is spacious and offers simple comforts of home, with access to the sublime surrounding nature.

Tents are elevated on individual re-purposed wood decks and feature a plush king-size bed on re-purposed pallet bed frame, with ample pillows and bedding. When sleeping more than two (up to four total), twin mattresses are brought in and placed on re-purposed pallet bed frames and covered with the same quality bedding that the king bed boasts. The king bed can also be changed into two twin beds if separate sleeping space is preferred (just let us know ahead of time). Each off-grid, solar powered tent has a private bathroom with a compost toilet, a sink, and shower as well as bath towels and cruelty-free toiletries. This Eco-friendly rental is the perfect chance to enjoy a holiday with minimal environmental impact. Wi-fi is also available.

Each tent has a deck, where glampers can relax on the outdoor seating with a simmering cup of coffee, overlooking the ocean and vast farmland- the perfect way to kick-start the day. Complimentary tea and coffee are provided for each tent; and bagels, plant-based cream cheese, and fresh fruit are delivered to your door each morning.

When hunger strikes later in the day, the fully equipped communal kitchen comes with all the necessities to whip up something delicious. You’ll have access to fridge space; and grocery stores are located in Ocean View and Naalehu. Because we are home to Big Island Farm Sanctuary, we appreciate your cooperation in making sure that no meat, eggs, or dairy products are kept, cooked, or consumed on property.

Evenings boast breathtaking sunsets, world-renowned stargazing, and the opportunity to sit around a warm, cozy fire, with the hosts and other guests, if you so desire- a fun way to share the day’s adventures and meet new friends from all over the world. Vegan-friendly marshmallows for roasting, and S’mores kits can be purchased for a small fee.

We wholeheartedly welcome non-vegans, vegetarians, and vegans alike. We simply ask that, out of respect for the animals residing here, all guests refrain from consuming animals products while on property. 

Interested in hosting a private event such as a retreat or zero waste wedding?

Email us at to work up a customized plan. We can accommodate up to 20 people overnight, and up to 100 people for day events. We can also help with catering, sight seeing, and more.

Sanctuary Tour.

Big Island Farm Sanctuary is open every Saturday from 10am-2pm and is home to rescued farm animals such as cows, goats, pigs and chickens. When you book a stay with us during the weekend, you can visit the sanctuary for free during open hours. There is also the opportunity for a private 2-hour tour for you and your guests, which includes a plant-based lunch. Inquire for pricing.

Local Landmarks.

We are just a few minutes’ drive to Ka Lae, also known as South Point, which is the southernmost point of the Big Island of Hawaii and of the 50 United States. Ka Lae is a rugged wind-swept ranch land with stunning cliff-top views of the ocean and is registered as a National Historic Landmark District under the name South Point Complex. It is believed that Ka Lae is the first place Polynesians came ashore when they reached the Hawaiian Islands as early as 750 A.D. There are still old canoe mooring holes carved throughout the rocks that local fishermen use to this day. The area is also known for its strong ocean currents and winds and is the home of a wind farm.

Just to the west of South Point is one of the only safe swimming spots in the area, Papakolea or Green Sand Beach. Green Sand Beach is named for the green volcanic olivine crystals that make up a large percentage of the sand here. Not easily accessible, a five-mile round trip walk, or 4-wheel-drive vehicle is the only ways to reach this hidden gem. It is usually very easy to hitch a ride in the back of one of the local’s trucks for a small fee, if you don’t have 4-wheel-drive or you don’t want to walk.

Located at the southernmost point of the United States, lies Kamilo Beach. Due to the unique currents that run near there, marine debris such as animal carcasses and logs would wash up, making it a prime spot for the native Hawaiians to collect logs for dugout canoes. However, it is those same currents that are now dragging a near constant stream of trash to the formerly pristine shores.
Today the beach receives fewer washed up logs, and much more plastic. In fact, 90% of its garbage is plastic, with plenty of it

coming from as far away as Japan. Much of the refuse comes from the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, which extends across an area roughly the size of Texas. Mixed in the sand are millions of tiny pieces of weathered colorful plastic, making it one of the most unique, if not depressing, beaches in the world. Sadly, much of the debris is fishing related, likely dumped off of boats or piers in fishing areas. Nets, traps, and crates make up a great deal of the debris.

Nowadays, there are numerous groups who visit the beach each year to help clean it up and keep it somewhat usable, but even with these efforts, the beach is nearly constantly covered in trash, like some sort of a tropical New York City gutter. The beach is difficult to reach, as there are no paved roads leading there, and the existing “road” is through a maze of sharp volcanic rock. Not recommended for anyone without a 4-wheel drive vehicle with a high axle. Resource:

There is also the cutest little coffee shop, Ka Lae Coffee, on South Point Rd (between us and Mamalahoa Hwy) that has vegan-friendly coffee options, and vegan-friendly and gluten-free treats. They also have a gift shop, flower shop, and it’s just a nice place to stop and visit. Tell them Big Island Farm Sanctuary sent ya!

More places to visit coming soon!

We will be adding things to do heading east (toward Hilo) and things to do heading west (toward Kona) so check back often!


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