Your tour will start with a brief introduction by our founder, Paula Buck, and then we'll walk toward the cow area where you'll most likely be able to pet and possibly hug some of our cows.


When you're ready, we'll walk down to the lower barnyard, where you'll have the opportunity to meet Lucky, Anchi, Jess, Hannah, Oliver and Sophie- six pigs rescued from an Oahu backyard pig farm and then flown to the Big Island in a joint rescue with Aloha Animal Sanctuary.


Once in the lower barnyard, you'll also meet goats, sheep, Polynesian pigs, potbellied pigs, chickens and turkeys.

Because this is a sanctuary, not a petting zoo, there is no guarantee that you’ll get to hold or pet the animals. However, it is very likely, as we have pigs who love their bellies rubbed, goats and sheep who love to be pet and brushed, and several cows who will be up for some brushes and hugs.