Meet Our Residents

We have 23 cow residents here at Big Island Farm Sanctuary. Eight of them are Holsteins who were rescued from the now closed Big Island Dairy, five came from neighboring beef ranches, one just walked on over from the neighbor's- who never took her back, and eight are babies born to our cows. All of our cows will live the rest of their lives grazing beautiful pastures with their friends and family, never having to worry about anything.

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Mamma, Mia, Renee, Lucy, Texas, Piko, Teddy, Sparkle Wonder Cow, Miggy, Brown Cow, Dream, Betty, Anela, Titan, Juaquin, Emmitt, Rooney, Regan, Russell, Huey, Clementine.

We have one horse- Joey - who calls BIFS home. Surrendered to us because of a medical condition, Joey will get all the love and grass-grazing he needs to like a full and happy life.

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23 pigs from "farmed' to "feral' to potbellied pigs call BIFS their forever home. Our six farmed pigs came all the way from the island of Oahu, after our friends at ALOHA ANIMAL SANCTUARY rescued them from a backyard farmer. Our five potbellied pigs came from rehoming situations, and the 12 feral-breed pigs (aka Polynesian pigs) came to us mostly as orphans. Today they spend their days basking in the sun, soaking in a mud wallow, and enjoying belly rubs from humans.

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Lucky, Hannah, Anchi, Jess, Oliver, Sophie, Norman, Dahlia, Lala, Koko, Lucy Liu, Piggy Smalls, Koa, Kolohe, Ginsburg, Sister, Pua-2-a, Happy, Handsome, Misu, Pua, Brian, and Aloha.

Nine goats keep the entertainment coming here at BIFS. We like to look at them as the court jesters is never a dull moment when goats are around! Three of our goats are bottle babies rescued from farms, while two were brought to us by Animal Control after being found sick and skinny on the side of the road, and the other three came to us from people who, for various reasons, couldn't keep them anymore. The goats spend their days grazing on large pastures and begging for treats.
Sponsor any one of our goats for just $10 a month. (Individual bios coming soon.)
Mary Kate, Ashley, Theo, Andre, Billy B, Palani, Dice, Gadget, and Bodhi.

Five of our seven sheep were rescued from a terrible hoarding situation. One was pregnant at the time and gave birth to her baby once rescued. Our latest sheep rescue came to us after his mom was hit and killed by a car and he was left orphaned. While some of our sheep are still very shy of humans, a few of them love to be pet, especially when there's an animal cracker or two involved.

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Debbie Hairy, Bella, George Bailey, Melanie, Magic, Roman, Sasha, Lambert

Fifteen chickens called BIFS home- four roosters and eleven hens. Two were injured chicks, three of them were found trapped in a cage on an abandoned property with no food or water, and the rest are former egg laying hens. Today, they enjoy looking for bugs and knowing they'll never go hungry or thirsty again.

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Bob, Buzz, Woody, Poppy, Jessie, Ashby, Azalea, Buttercup, Sunflower, Violet, Jasmine, Sweet Pea, Iris.

Our two turkeys came to us after we found them being advertised for sale on Craigslist as "Thanksgiving dinner." Now they roam free and will live their lives as our friends not food.
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Jupiter and Echo

While three dogs call BIFS home, two of them were rescues from the island. Sinatra came to us from the Humane Society after being found by Animal Control with what appeared to be a bullet wound in his side. After fostering at a couple different places, Hank, who contracted Rat Lung Worm disease as a puppy- which caused temporary paralysis of his hind legs and permanent incontinence- finally found his forever home with us and we couldn't be happier.
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Sinatra and Hank

Our three cats came to us as orphaned feral kittens.. All three are great farm cats and the puurfect cuddlers.
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Lilo, Stitch, Little