Come meet the residents of Big Island Farm Sanctuary!

Your tour will start with a brief introduction by our founder, Paula Buck, and then we'll head over to spend some time with the cows who call BIFS home. Afterwards, you'll be walked down to the lower barnyard, where you'll have the opportunity to meet Lucky, Anchi, Jess, Hannah, Oliver and Sophie- six pigs rescued from an Oahu backyard pig farm and then flown to the Big Island in a joint rescue with Aloha Animal Sanctuary. Once in the lower barnyard, you'll be able to walk around and freely spend time with our goats, sheep, Polynesian pigs, chickens and turkeys. Because this is a sanctuary, not a petting zoo, there is no guarantee that you’ll get to hold or pet the animals. However, it is very likely, as we have pigs who love their bellies rubbed, goats and sheep who love to be pet and brushed, and several cows who will be up for some brushes and hugs.



  • Sundays 10:30 am-1:30 pm (Booked in advance preferred, but tickets can be purchased day of event.)

  • Timed Entry: 10:30a, 11:00a, 11:30a, 12:00p

  • $10 single entry

  • Kids 5 and under are free

  • Big Island Kama'aina free w/ valid ID

PRIVATE TOUR (2-10 people)

  • Wednesday 11 am-1 pm (must be booked in advance)

  • $100 for your group of 2-10


  • Tours happen rain or shine and there is no refund given due to weather, so check the weather the day of your tour and dress accordingly.

  • This is a farm setting with dirt, mud and poop. Plan to get at least one of these three things on your person, your shoes, and your clothes. Dress accordingly.

  • We highly suggest closed-toe shoes, sunscreen and drinking water. You may also want a hat and sunglasses (for the dusty wind). Typical weather in South Point is sunny and breezy-to-windy with a chance of scattered showers. Tours happen rain or shine so please check the weather and dress accordingly.

  • For the safety of our animals as well as yours, no companion animals are allowed and cannot be left in vehicles.

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  • There is no public restroom on-site so plan to use a restroom before coming. Available restroom stops will be given to you in confirmation email.

  • We want this to be a positive experience for all- humans and animals- but the safety and well-being of our animal residents will always be our first priority. Please help us heal them, not harm them, by following the rules at all times. Should you be asked to leave the grounds, a refund will not be issued.

  • We are a sanctuary, not a petting zoo. You are not guaranteed to get to pet anyone, nor meet everyone. All animals are free to walk away, should they so choose. Never chase, tease, pick up or restrain any animal.

  • Always listen to the staff and volunteers when interacting with the animals. They have spent countless hours with each of them and know them, their mood, their likes and dislikes. Help them make sure that you and the animals have a positive experience by following directions.

  • Children are the responsibility of the guardian, not our staff or volunteers. Please help children understand what is expected of them beforehand. NEVER leave your child unattended or in the care of anyone but you. If you can't put your hand on your child's shoulder, they are too far away from you. Please supervise them at all times.

  • You are welcome to bring fruits or veggies for the animals; however, due to strict dietary guidelines, no feeding of animals is permitted during tours. Any food brought for the animals will be given to them by staff, during feeding time.

  • No smoking of any kind is allowed on property. If you smoke off property, please be aware that we live in a very high-risk fire zone. Please act responsibly.