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We are currently closed due to a mandatory Governor-issued shut-in, scheduled through April 30th. Please check back here for latest updates.


We currently offer small group tours on Wednesdays, and Saturdays beginning at 11:00 am. Tours last approximately two hours. Each tour is personally guided by our founder, Paula Buck. You’ll hear her story, how BIG ISLAND FARM SANCTUARY came to be, our goals for the future, and meet and learn about our residents. 

You’ll get to spend time with the goats, pigs, sheep and chickens and we’ll take a walk up to meet the cows. There are a total of eleven cows, thirteen pigs, five goats, six sheep, and five chickens currently living here- all with unique stories of rescue, love and hope. Because this is a sanctuary, not a petting zoo, there is no guarantee that you’ll get to hold or pet the animals. However, it is very likely, as we have chickens who love to be held, pigs who love their bellies rubbed, goats who love to be pet and brushed, and occasionally, a cow or two who will be up for some brushes and hugs.


  • $10 per person.

  • $30 for family of four.

  • Kids 4 and under are free with each paying adult.

  • We offer special pricing for schools and youth groups, as well as large groups. Please
    email us for more information.



  • Tour are held Wednesdays and Saturdays, at 11:00 am and must be booked in

  • Tours happen rain or shine and there is no refund given due to weather, so check the
    weather the day of your tour and dress accordingly.

  • This is a farm setting with dirt, mud and poop. Plan to get at least one of these three
    things on your person, your shoes, and your clothes. Dress accordingly.

  • We highly suggest closed-toe shoes, sunscreen and drinking water.

  • For the safety of our animals as well as yours, no companion animals are allowed.

  • All animals are free to walk away, should they so choose. Never chase, tease, pick up
    or restrain any animal.

  • Children are the responsibility of the guardian, not our staff or volunteers. Please help children understand what is expected of them before hand.

  • You are welcome to bring organic fruits or veggies for the animals, however, due to strict dietary guidelines, no feeding of animals is permitted during tours. Any food brought for the animals will be given to them during feeding time.

  • No smoking of any kind is allowed on property. If you smoke off property, please be aware that we live in a very high-risk fire zone. Please act responsibly.

  • There is no public restroom on-site so plan to use a restroom before coming.