"Voluntour" with us.

Put your compassion into action! Join us for an

unforgettable experience working with rescued

farmed-animals on the beautiful Big Island of Hawaii! 

We are currently home to 67 rescued/surrendered

animals including cows, goats, sheep, pigs, chickens,

turkeys, cats, and dogs. This experience will provide

voluntourists with a meaningful educational experience,

caring for and connecting with rescued farmed and

tamed-feral animals; working side-by-side with our

founders, Paula and Josh Buck.​ 



  • NOTE: All voluntourists must follow Hawaii's COVID-19 regulations. If a voluntourist doesn't want to take the COVID pre-test, they will be required to self-quarantine two weeks prior to their stay with us and provide certificate of completion. In the event of a positive COVID test, dates of participation can be moved to a later date. 

  • Responsible for airfare to and from Hawaii.

  • Responsible for transportation outside of pick up and drop off at airport and pick up and drop off between guest house and sanctuary.

  • Responsible for personal products, entertainment, additional food, souvenirs, etc.

  • Participants must be 18 years or older unless volunteering with a parent or guardian.

  • Working cell phone (one per individual, couple, or family).

  • Animal lover.

  • Good animal behavior observation skills.

  • Respectful but not fearful of animals- big and small.

  • Ability to perform some physical labor and lifting (up to 50 lbs

   {adults only}).

  • Not afraid to get sweaty and dirty.

  • Relatively unbothered by bugs and small creatures such as (but

    not limited to) spiders, centipedes, scorpions, lizards and mice.

  • Ability to follow detailed directions.

  • Ability to work (and live) well with a variety of people.

  • Reliable and dependable.

  • Flexible and open to a multitude of tasks.

  • Travel Insurance (recommended)

  • Health Insurance (recommended)Close-toed shoes, clothes you

    don't mind getting dirty and possibly ruined.

  • Out of respect for the animal residents, no animal products

    or byproducts are to be eaten at the guest house or sanctuary.

    This includes meat, dairy, eggs, and honey.


  • Daily animal care and interaction- feeding, cleaning enclosures, brushing, petting, reading, singing, learning their stories, personalities, etc.

  • Help with simple builds and maintenance of animal houses, fencing, etc.

  • Assist with tours (when staying longer than one week).

  • Other duties as assigned.


  • Opportunity to interact and bond with, our animal residents.

  • Opportunity to gain knowledge of farm animal care.

  • Working with like-minded and committed animal lovers.

  • Spend free time exploring the beautiful Big Island of Hawaii!

  • Commemorative t-shirt and water bottle.


  • We provide a plant-based breakfast and lunch Saturday-Thursday. You are responsible for your own dinner as well as lunch on Fridays. (Guest house has a full kitchen and restaurants are


  • Out of respect for the animals you'll be working with, and what we teach at BIFS, no animal

    products (anything including meat, dairy, eggs, or honey) are welcome in the guest house or at        the sanctuary.

  • If you aren't already plant-based, we encourage you to take this time to experience a plant-based lifestyle and the benefits it can bring. Need help with dinner ideas? We are happy to send you simple recipes before your stay!


  • A shared guest house just a few minutes from the sanctuary. The house provides shared rooms and a bathroom, a communal kitchen and living room. You can expect to share a room with up to three other volunteers of the same gender. Living is basic, yet comfortable and the volunteer house has WiFi.


  • Registration Fee of $299 USD required to hold your date (Partially

    refundable for cancellations up to 60 days before arrival date.​

  • Secures your dates

  • Free changes for 2021

Duration          Fee ($USD)*

1 week             $320

2 weeks           $520

3 weeks           $710

4 weeks           $880

5 weeks           $1,020

6 weeks           $1,190

8 weeks           $1,530

*Prices subject to change. Reserved and registered dates prices will not change.

Your Schedule at a Glance (Minimum one-week commitment, maximum 8-week): 

Arrival Day, Friday: 
Arrive at Kona International Airport (KOA). You will be picked up at the airport and taken to a local vegan restaurant to grab food if you'd like, then to the grocery store in Kona and then to the guest house, where you will have the rest of the evening to rest from your flight.*

*Please note, we give transportation to and from the guest house and sanctuary each day. If you want to be able to do other things during your off time, we recommend renting a car at the airport. In this case, we wouldn't pick you up at the airport but would meet you at the guest

house upon your arrival to welcome you.

Days 1, Saturday: You will be picked up from the guest house at 10:00am and taken to the sanctuary, where you will be officially greeted by the founders and then participate (as a guest) in a public tour, during which time you'll meet the animals and hear our story. After the tour, there will be an orientation, educating you on what you'll be doing for the rest of the week, rules and expectations of the sanctuary, etc. Breakfast and lunch provided.

Days 2-5, Sunday-Wednesday: You will be picked up at 6:30am and taken to the sanctuary, where you can expect to volunteer about 5-6 hours a day (until around noon to 1pm). You will participate in such tasks as feeding the animals and cleaning their enclosures in the morning, spending quality ‘Animal Time’ getting to know the animals, brushing, playing with them, and various other chores or

projects depending on what's needed. Breakfast and lunch provided.

Day 6, Thursday: You will be picked up at 6:30am and taken to the sanctuary. After morning chores, we will take a trip to a local beach to spend the day basking in the sun, playing in the water, etc. Snorkeling gear, chairs, and towels provided for your use. We encourage you to come along, or you can spend the day doing something else. Breakfast and lunch provided.

Day 7, Friday: Departure/Free Day. We hope you enjoyed your time with us! If this is the last day of your experience, this will be the day you checkout of the guest house. If you are headed off the island, we will drop you off at the Kona Airport (please schedule your flight for afternoon or evening so that we can accommodate you). If you are planning to stay on the island, we can take you to Kona Airport to rent a car, if needed. Due to time constraints, we cannot take you anywhere

else on the island except to Kona. If you're going somewhere other than Kona for the remainder of your stay, you'll need to make your own transportation arrangements from the guest house. If you are spending another week with us, you will have this day free to do with as you wish,

and then we'll see you on Saturday where you'll help with the weekly tour. Continental breakfast provided on Fridays.


Remaining Weeks: The remaining weeks will follow the schedule of volunteering Saturday-Thursday and having Thursday afternoons and Fridays free. Arrivals and departures are always on Friday.

Available dates starting April 2021!


93-1280 South Point Rd. Naalehu, HI 96772
(by appointment only)

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